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Why study in North Dakota? University System colleges and universities have a great deal to offer. Most importantly, you’ll receive a high-quality education at an affordable price. Add to that the individualized attention provided by our professors, and you’ll have a formula for personal and professional growth. Academic success is an important part of your college experience, but North Dakota University System colleges and universities understand it takes more to be a well-rounded person. That’s why our students have opportunities to participate in hundreds of student organizations and intramural sports, as well as intercollegiate activities.

Take a look around this site, and we believe you’ll agree – the North Dakota University System has a college or university that’s the right choice for you.

If you’re just beginning to think about college, you may find useful information in Design Your Future, a publication that helps middle school students prepare for college by choosing the right courses in high school, or Consider Your Options, a brochure created for high school students who are beginning the college selection process.



Breadth and Quality of Programs: From welding to web design, engineering to English, anatomy to accounting – the 11 vibrant and distinct North Dakota University System colleges and universities offer a wide array of programs – and one that’s sure to meet your career goals.

Cost: Tuition and fees at North Dakota University System colleges and universities are very competitively priced when compared to regional and national counterparts. Plus, it won’t break your bank account to go home for a weekend.

Room to Grow: Academic success is important, but it takes more to be a well-rounded person. The faculty and staff at North Dakota University System colleges and universities want you to be personally and professionally successful. They are committed to creating an environment where you will be intellectually challenged and encouraged to spread your wings.

Tons of Fun: The college experience is about more than just studying – you need to have some fun, too! North Dakota University System colleges and universities field more than 100 varsity and 600 intramural teams. Not into sports? How about student government, music or one of the 750 clubs and student organizations across the 11 campuses? Plus, there are dances, concerts, plays and numerous activities to keep you entertained throughout the year. Get involved and you certainly won’t be bored at a North Dakota college or university.

Life in a Global Community: People from many nations and diverse backgrounds challenge the thinking and perspectives of students at North Dakota University System colleges and universities. Studying in a multi-cultural environment is sure to broaden your world view.

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  • Work closely with your high school counselor to help you select one or more North Dakota University System college or university for consideration
  • Explore the college or university website for information regarding academic programs and admission requirements
  • Contact the campus admissions office and schedule a campus tour.
  • Take the ACT test; check with the institutions of your choice for specific testing deadlines
  • Review admission requirements and submit an application for admission to selected colleges and universities
  • Request an official copy of your high school eTranscript or transcript to be sent to selected colleges and universities
  • Contact each institution’s financial aid office to apply for financial aid, including scholarships.


Getting Ready For College

It takes time, effort and thought to choose the college that’s right for you. You’ll want to consider your interests, goals, academic strengths and finances. You'll also need to understand what you have to do to be considered for admission to a public college or university in North Dakota.

If you’re interested in attending one of the 11 NDUS institutions, you must meet minimum standards to qualify for admission. The minimum standards for admission are as follows:

  • Community Colleges – Open Enrollment
  • 4-Year Comprehensive Universities (DSU, MaSU, VCSU) – GPA: 2.0, ACT: 18
  • 4-Year Master’s Granting University (MiSU) – GPA: 2.75, ACT: 21
  • 4-Year Research Universities (NDSU, UND) – GPA: 2.75, ACT:22

Now would be a good time to start filling out online applications. Direct links to individual college applications are available on the NDUS website or on their individual college pages on this site.

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  • 4 units of English (including written and oral communication skills)
  • 3 units of mathematics (algebra I and above or specific computer science courses)
  • 3 units of laboratory science (including at least 2 in biology, chemistry, physics or physical science)
  • 3 units of social studies (excluding consumer education, cooperative marketing, orientation to social science and marriage/family)
  • Additional units of coursework can be selected from any of the existing core course categories or world language (including foreign languages, Native American language or American Sign Language.

The core course requirement will rise to 14 courses in 2017 and 15 courses in 2018 for admission to the research universities.

The North Dakota University System recommends that students take a mathematics course each year of high school, including advanced algebra or computer science courses that have been identified to meet math requirements. Students who do not meet requirements for admission to a four-year university are encouraged to consider enrolling in any of the state’s two-year colleges. Upon satisfactory completion of 24 credits, the student will be eligible to transfer to a four-year university.


Planning Your Career

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The Common Academic Calendar

All North Dakota University System colleges and universities follow the same academic calendar. As a result, semesters begin and end on the same date at each campus. Plus, all holidays and breaks are scheduled at the same time. The common academic calendar also makes it easier for you to take video teleconference courses and to transfer between campuses.


One of many benefits of enrolling at a North Dakota University System college or university is that you may transfer easily from one campus to another.

The General Education Requirements Transfer Agreement – or GERTA – is a system-wide agreement that allows you to complete the general education requirements at any University System college or university and then transfer your general education program to another institution – guaranteed! Plus, all five tribal colleges in North Dakota participate in GERTA.

Common course numbering also makes transfer between campuses much easier. Common course numbers and titles are used to describe hundreds of courses offered by University System and tribal colleges so that each campus accepts these courses as the same.

In addition, articulation agreements make it possible to get full credit for specific degrees when transferring to another college or university. Hundreds of articulation agreements are now in place within the University System and with out-of-state institutions.

If you plan to begin college at one campus and then transfer to another, you’ll want to work closely with a college advisor to make sure the classes you take will transfer. For more information, click here.


Online Application

Applying to attend a North Dakota University System college or university can be done from your computer. For freshman registration, all 11 NDUS colleges and universities accept the common application form, but you may need to provide additional information upon request. The links to each college or university’s online application are available here.


Through video, audio and web conferences, the 11 North Dakota University System colleges and universities are able to connect with students across the state and around the world. You no longer have to be on campus to have access to the courses and degree programs you need. In fact, thousands of students are enrolled at more than one NDUS college or university – accessing courses across the state that fit their schedule. For more information, visit the NDUS site for students who wish to enroll at multiple campuses.


University System colleges and universities collaborate to deliver many courses and programs completely online. In fact, more than 1,000 courses and 200 programs are now available through the North Dakota University System Online (NDUSO), making access to higher education simpler than ever. If you click into a specific degree program on this site, those that are available online will be marked with a banner.


The Online Dakota Information Network (ODIN) provides online access to the physical and electronic library resources of the North Dakota University System libraries. These resources include books, e-books, journal and newspaper subscriptions, online databases, digital image collections, videos, CDs, manuscripts, archives and more. For more information about ODIN, go to


Online Registration and More
Thanks to Campus Connection, a unique software system, your registration and financial aid information is available at your fingertips. As a student at any of the 11 North Dakota University System colleges or universities, you’ll simply access the internet to:

  • Register for classes
  • View your class schedule
  • Check the status of your financial aid
  • Drop or add classes
  • Monitor your degree progress
  • View your semester grades or full transcript
  • Access personal information & records


How Much Will College Cost?

The cost of going to college depends on the campus you choose, the number of credits you plan to take and transportation and housing expenses. The cost of attending a college or university in the North Dakota University System also varies by type of campus – whether it’s a two-year, four-year or research institution. North Dakota residents pay substantially lower tuition rates than do nonresidents. There are, however, some exceptions for residents of surrounding states and provinces. For more information, contact the admission office at the college of your choice.

Click the link to the left for a chart of the estimated cost of attending a North Dakota University System college or university in 2015-16. This table does not include personal costs such as clothing, entertainment and transportation, but an estimated cost for these miscellaneous expenses is $3,500.



Financial aid funds can be limited, so it’s important to apply early.

  • 比特加速器修改vip时长 Apply for admission to the college or university of your choice
  • Step 2: Complete the U.S. Department of Education’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at
  • Step 3: The colleges you listed on your FAFSA application will receive your data. If additional information is needed to determine your eligibility for financial aid, your school will contact you. It is important that you respond immediately to requests to ensure that you are considered for all sources of financial aid. Once complete, you will receive an award notice from your school. Be sure to review it carefully and respond or complete all steps required immediately.
  • Step 4: Follow-up with your college financial aid office prior to the start of the semester to ensure all of your paperwork is complete.


College is an investment, and financial aid programs are available to assist you in paying for this investment. In North Dakota, your higher education goals are possible. Contact the financial aid office at your college or university to discuss your options, which can include the following:

Grants: The federal Pell Grant and the federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) are available to qualifying students through the U.S. Department of Education. North Dakota provides a grant to qualifying students, the State Student Incentive Grant Program (SSIG), also known as the State Grant Program. This state program offers need-based grants to North Dakota college students. Please visit for more information. Grants do not need to be repaid. The FAFSA is required to determine financial need.

Scholarships: Scholarships are awarded to students for academic performance, skills, achievement, need or other qualifications. Information about scholarships can be obtained through a high school counselor, the college financial aid office, local community groups and professional organizations. North Dakota awards the ND Academic scholarship or ND Career and Technical Education scholarship to qualifying high school seniors. The ND Indian Scholarship is also awarded to qualifying Native American students. You can find out more about these opportunities on the NDUS website. Additional help regarding scholarships can be found at the Bank of North Dakota College Planning Center or at

Work-Study Programs: The federal Work-Study Program administered by colleges enables students to earn money for college by working on- or off-campus while enrolled in college. The FAFSA is required to determine your eligibility.

Student Loans: Student loans are available to assist you with your college expenses. Federal student loans come in the form of federal Direct Subsidized loans, federal Direct Unsubsidized loans and federal Parent PLUS loans. Private student loans, also called alternative student loans, are also an option for students. You can learn more about the Bank of North Dakota’s alternative loan – the DEAL Loan, at –


The North Dakota Legislature created two scholarships for high school graduates, the North Dakota Academic scholarship and the North Dakota Career and Technical Education scholarship. Both programs reward North Dakota high school graduates who meet specific coursework, grade-point average and test score requirements. If you qualify, you may be eligible for up to $6,000 for study at eligible institutions of higher education within North Dakota. Your high school counselor can work with you to make sure you’re taking the right courses to qualify for one of these scholarships. For more information, contact NDUS or call the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction at 701.328.2244.

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The North Dakota University System is committed to helping you become personally and professionally successful.

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College is an investment, and financial aid programs are available to assist you in paying for this ...

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